Sunday, August 16, 2009

In the beginning, God created...

I am excited to announce a new virtual home for all things creative – it’s called Be Mused, and you are invited to join the conversation at In reading through the many blogs written by family and friends over the past several years, I’ve been impressed with the variety and imagination of so many of you and have wanted some way to capture and quantify your plentiful gifts. Be Mused is my little attempt at creating such a space. I believe that everyone is creative. I also believe that we all self-limit far too often when it comes to using creativity in every aspect of our lives. We are, by design, creators. We were created by the Master Creator. Most if not all of our happiness in life comes from either being creative or from sharing in what another has created. Don't you just love that the very first line of the Good Book says "In the beginning, God created"?

So click on over and say hello.

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