Monday, August 17, 2009

What I'm hoping for...

My thoughts have been all over the place throughout the process of getting this little blog project ready to go live. First and foremost, I constantly wondered if there was even any value in the idea. "Who am I to talk about creativity? What expertise can I possibly draw upon that will be of any help to anyone?" Honestly, I have these thoughts even now. Perhaps for this very reason, I decided to set myself up to fail by announcing ahead of time that something "big" was coming. It seemed clear that unless I forced myself into this, I would forever be "not quite ready" for prime-time. So ready or not, let's begin.

From what I've been able to gather, there are around 40-50 different people who either happen upon or who actually seek out this blog. Thank you, and I'm sorry...If you'll trust me just a bit longer, I have three requests:

First and obvious, come and check out Be Mused at That was easy, huh? As you'll immediately see, it is very much (and will ALWAYS be) a work in progress. That is in fact the real fun part of all of this. My hope is that this will always be getting better as it gathers an audience and contributors. Which leads me to number #2:

The most exciting part of using Wordpress for this is that I can have as many contributors on this blog as I want. And I want LOTS. Both those I know and those I don't know...yet. It is very easy to set up people as authors on the site, and I'm hoping everyone will be willing to take a risk (much more on that to come...) and share their thoughts, struggles, fears and creations, in whatever form they might take. In fact, request #2 has two parts - first, if you got an invitation to be an author on Be Mused, activate it right away. If you didn't, that means only that I didn't send you one yet....just use the contact widget on the blog and we'll take care of that right away...

Third and finally, please consider writing at least one entry in the next two weeks about anything you want as it might relate to the topic of creativity and then post it on Be Mused. While we are at it, comment on what others share, even if it is just a "loved it!" or something else that requires two seconds to say.

Okay, there are four things. Consider if you would adding a link on your own blog to Be Mused and then (does this make five?) tell people you know about it and invite them to join in the conversation.

Baby pictures soon...


  1. I'm trying to add my contact information for your other site, but it's giving me fits. Please add me as a probably contributor in the future. Thanks!

    Kelly Hill (Mike L.'s sister)

  2. Oh man even the assignment confused me! Ok when its not midnight Ill read again and try

  3. Scott,

    I admire and love you. That is why I will be totally honest which I know that you would expect and appreciate.

    I was/am confused when I go to the site. I understand the basic concept and think it is amazing but when I go there it is somewhat overwhelming to know where to start/what to do. If with the desire I have to be part of it and to help you in any way I can I experience confusion then random Joe will likely look out of intrigue and lose interest out of confusion.

    It makes total sense to you because you created it. As a visitor it is critical it makes sense and appears easy to navigate/use or it will never work. That is why I didn't hold back and gave you my most honest feedback.

    I can't wait to see this thing be HUGE!!! You deserve it.

    Your brother.

  4. Better feedback (hopefully).

    I just went back to make sure my inexperience wasn't the problem. I was still confused even taking time to really figure it out. I clicked on "subscribe to posts" assuming it would take me to a page where I would enter my information and then be up and running. I came to the same information that was on the original page but it was really hard to read. The blue text works on the black background but washes out on the white background. I saw the "subscribe to this feed" and wasn't sure if I needed to then click that to get set up or what. I don't understand feeds and have no experience with them. Your description was pretty good but made me feel things were getting a bit "techy" for me. So, I stopped.

    I don't want that to be the experience others have so I was as honest as possible for ya brother.