Sunday, August 16, 2009

42 and fantastic!

If you are 42 today then that means you've spent more than half your life with my last name...and you're still smiling.

I think that because you have such an honest heart and that because you sometimes wear it on your sleeve, people might think they know you well. You've always been one of those "instant friend" types that I'll likely never be...the greater truth is, you are also a very deep soul who is always thinking about others and about making the world a more beautiful place, as if just being in it isn't enough.

Though I know you don't believe it, I do live in constant amazement that you said "yes" and even more so that you are still saying it today. Equally, you are the brightest light I know and are in every way at least my equal (is that a compliment for me or for you? probably me, huh?) and in the most important things very much my superior, which is good. I tend to get lazy pretty quickly, as you know. You happen to be the hardest working person I know too. And I can't forget your personal relationship with the flora and fauna of the world - I'll never get over how you seem to know the names of every plant and flower - you are without doubt a daughter of Eve, including the lovely part.

And then there is the whole kissing thing...

Anyway, I want you to have (as always) an AMAZING birthday and to believe in you like I believe in you...good luck with that.

Guess there's no better time or place than here to finish that poem I showed you months ago:

You're sugar to my salt,
Sunshine to my shadow,
My Christmas apple on a Tuesday,
And handsprings in the grass.

You're a hymn to sooth my trembles,
Soft petals on the water.
Snowflakes and sparklers,
And green-eyed August grace.

I'll no doubt stumble-say it,
In my mumbly backward way...
But...your name is like the fireflies
On that Mississippi summer night

Brightening my dark, delighting,
whistling the magic you breathe into
my world...

Happy, happy birthday, darling.

I love you.


  1. i know this is ginger's tribute but what i think is most profound about you two is your absolute focus on each other.

    i can't imagine either of you with out the other,
    a perfect pairing.

    stronger together, and living for each other.

    you are humble about it as with everything else,
    but your life together would be a great novel, no better still a text book on how to live well and happy...

    it mat be gingers birthday but the gift is yours scott.


  3. Happy 4-2 Ging. You look (and are) amazing.

  4. I am completely, perfectly and incandescsently happy. I guess I don't mind sharing my birthday with your new baby.

  5. That was lovely Scott just like your wife!

  6. I'm taking notes. That was good stuff. It was nice to be with you two are Ging's special day.

  7. Beautiful poem! Beautiful Birthday Girl!