Friday, August 14, 2009

The fine art of blog commentary

Dear wonderful reader! (s?) -

A humble request on behalf of myself and all else who call themselves bloggers. Your comments matter. A lot. Maybe too much, sometimes, but perhaps not. Think of it like this: You're 10 years old. You just cleaned your bedroom. Did your best. Even threw away the old Dorito bags that were crumpled up under the dresser (this is all just hypothetical, okay?) What's your first and most important need? Find mom to come and see your work, of course! Now imagine she comes in to see it, walks around the room, even checks under the bed, but never, ever says a word to you. Just walks in, looks, and then walks out. But mom would never, ever do such a thing, now would she?

Comments on blogs are a little bit like that. So here's my simple rule, which I will forthwith commit myself to follow as much as possible...if I take the time to read someone's blog, I will take an additional 30 seconds or so to comment upon it. Even a "thumbs up" or "what in the world?" or whatever else you want to say tells me someone cared. And I so know you care.

And I would be very negligent if I didn't say "THANK YOU!!!" to any and all who have ever commented on any of my bumblings - they have without exception been made better by your shared thoughts.

Comments? ;-)

(This is about to become even more of a big deal - whhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!)


  1. I will- always, because I agree 100%. It matters to matter to those that matter.

  2. I shall comment! And P.S. I was gonna comment on your last blog, and I listened to that song about 5 times. So good job on finding good tunes.

  3. Everyone likes to be validated-10 year olds, 90 year olds. I must admit, sometimes I read some deep stuff and don't comment because I haven't processed enough and will undoubtedly say something stupid or useless. BUT, I like the idea that if you took the time to read, take the time to comment.
    p.s. Are you going to get an epidural?
    Just checkin.

  4. I like your thoughts. I try hard to comment whenever I can. I can't wait to see/read/listen to your "child". I am confident of one thing... it will be brilliant.

  5. i feel like a bass being played on very light line...the net is comming!

  6. you know now that i have thought a little about this subject i realize how much the comment s mean to me as well...

    and amy i think mostly it is about impressions not equating the sentament, i missspell and say things i wish i could correct after i have published them....but, there is no law about making another comment to do so... thats what i think.

    oh and scott i watched that talk last night while i couldn't sleep was intersting ut i think you over estimate my ability to understand the mysteries of the written word. but i did learn something...

  7. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????HMMM . Good analogy. I will work on this . I certainly run back to see what people thought of my clean room and Im usually hoping they didnt find the doritos bag i shoved under the dresser.

  8. I like Amy often read things and then don't comment because I am pondering them. I will do better!Thanks!

  9. Amy told me about this post and I decided to read it. I like it. Now here's the interesting thing. It's much MUCH easier for me to comment on something like this, in typing, than to actually look you in the eye (even without speaking) at some hypothetical bbq / family / devotional thingee for a hypothetical niece. I would love to know each and every one of you better, but I'm too... ??!?! ...who knows, to approach you people and speak. Sorry.

    So, here I am commenting. It's the first I've read of your blog and I'm curious about your baby so I'll be checking back for sure.

    Kelly (Mike's sister... the beluga whale one)

  10. I must admit, (now), that I am a blog stalker of your family. What is so wrong with dropping by, soaking up a few rays, and moving on? Do you really want my thoughts? Ok, here they are. Your daughter is such a beautiful soul, I love to read what she has to say. Ginger, ditto. She is amazing, as you so fittingly pay homage to in your birthday poem. I love her! Scott, I think when you speak it is worthwhile to listen. So I do. Slinking back to the mire from which I sprang....

  11. I comment when I've nothing worth saying. So I'm totally in like Flynn. (as evidenced by right now)