Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The mantle descends

I could write almost endlessly (and isn't that an exciting thought?) about the meaning and impact of General Conference in my life, but I'll spare you. I will say this: Two of the saddest moments in my life occur each year at 4pm on the first Sundays of April and October. I have an almost palpable longing to somehow stop time so that I can continue to savor the light that emanates from the Brethren as they teach and model discipleship. As we look forward to sustaining a new prophet and First Presidency, the trick is in really sustaining them, isn't it? Listening to conference is a rather easy thing to do. It's keeping conference that takes the effort. So to all I know or love (or both), prayers to you as you try and keep General Conference as the taproot of your faith. Happy heeding.


  1. I'm excited myself. I have the luck of going for the third time in a row. Felicia and I got tickets to the sunday afternoon session. I pray that Felicia feels the spirit. She has made great strides over the past couple of months. She is reading the lessons ahead of time from the B.O.M. manual that I taught out of a couple of years ago and accompanied me, by her request, on my last home teaching visits and even gave much of her own input. I can see the Lords hand in her life more and more everyday. I thank you very much for the prayers and fasting I'm certain you've offered up in her behalf.

  2. Once again a great blog! Thanks for the thoughts. I have been praying that I will recieve answers through the talks and really remember what has been said. I have been excited and waiting to sustain the new presidency and see who the new member of the 70 will be! Anyhow, it should all be wonderful!

    Smiles, JEN

  3. Me too. Conference is personal revelation. I love it!