Sunday, November 13, 2011

As I was saying... ten years ago! I can't believe it's been almost six months (6!) since I last posted (not counting my brief blurb on 9/11.) And you're thinking (whomever YOU are,) "it's been the nicest six months of my life..." I'm with you.

And to be honest, I have no real excuse. Just other priorities...took priority.

So enough with that. I'm committing myself to get back on the blogging train. So many adventures to report on. Even if I'm only talking to myself here.

And I've got some interesting things to share (hopefully) soon. Lots of life lessons. And new opportunities. 

I also will be found in a new blogging location soon. This blog will continue to act as my home for the "personal" stuff, and the other site (stay tuned for a location) will be the home for my profound ruminations on becoming a writer, getting published, how to wax a surfboard, etc.

Writing I take very seriously. Myself, I take seriously not at all.

Happy trails.
I have no idea...
Oh - and a happy "Gotcha Day!" #6 to the mini, mighty Miss Ellie. So glad we "got" you six amazing years ago. Love, the dad


  1. GReat! Glad your back and the pictures well - they are really something!!

  2. Happy to see you back at it on this here blog.

  3. Welcome! You've been missed. Happy Gotcha Day to the Spunky Miss Ellie.