Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Garden, A Hill and A Tomb

I love Easter. I love that it hasn't (at least yet) been co-opted by the marketing department as 
Christmas has been, and that as such, it is still easy to find the deeper meaning of the season.
Nothing against Christmas. Without it, we wouldn't have an Easter to celebrate. For me, 
Christmas was the promise and Easter was the promise fulfilled.
Sometimes, though, I wonder if I miss out on the 21st century meaning of Easter.  Maybe it is
a struggle for others as well.
Easter for me is about what happened in a garden, on a hill, and in a tomb. But sometimes I 
how the choices made by the Savior in each of those sacred settings apply to my everyday 
struggles. It is easy to think or to read of the historical Savior and forget that He lives and 
is both anxious to sustain, to strengthen, and to succor. 
The specific circumstances of our lives are all included in the reach of the atonement. No sorrow,
no pain, no loss, no grief are beyond His understanding. His empathy was made perfect through
His suffering on our behalf. The Savior is thus able to not only understand the things that we
suffer, He is also able to "mentor" us through such hardships, no matter no how long they last.
By way of testimony of these things, I share the following words and video below of what has
become one of my favorite hymns. It is called "O Light of Life." I know that Jesus Christ is our
Savior and Redeemer today. I know that He is ready to assist us through all the heartaches of
life. Now. 
Because of His supernal acts of love as expressed in a Garden, on a Hill, and in a Tomb, all that
we experience need not be suffered alone.   
O light of life, O pure light divine
Thou art in us; our ember is thine
Kindle our flame, give hope when we fear
Deepen our love, our fire appear.
Light of our souls, love's spark at our birth
Grow bright in us, shine in all the earth.

O light of life, O true light of peace
Storms will arise, let thy light increase
Pierce through dark clouds, give pause to the proud
Let thy shafts fall, lift humble heads bowed.
Answer our pleas, melt hearts in thy flame.
Make us as one, as one in thy name.
O light of life, O sweet light of grace
Thou bids us come, we follow apace
See the bright tree, behold the white fruit
Feasting we weep, we witness the root
O light of life, O dear light of love
Come wash us clean, send forth thy white dove

Fill us with love, enlighten our eyes
Help us to love, 'tis price of the prize
Then let us come, enrobe us in white
Clinging to thee, light unto thy light


  1. Thank you for sharing your testimony, i appreciate and need just such beautiful thoughts. Love Terri

  2. Your thoughts are never small. I have said it before. Thanks you for posting this. I love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Beautiful song.
    This is quotable for me,

    "Christmas was the promise and Easter was the promise fulfilled."
    Love you