Friday, October 1, 2010

8,401 days of magic*

I'm amazed to think that I've been married for 23 years today. Amazed because that seems like a long time, but also because it doesn't feel at all like 23 years. Not even close. When one is lucky (or blessed) enough to pick a winner, the years seem like months, the months like days, and well, you get the drift.

Marriage certainly has a lot going for it. I'm a fan. But of the many blessings I could count because of being married to Ginger A. Livingston, perhaps the best one of all is that when we are together, we have an entire universe all to our selves.

Happy Anniversary, darling. (And even though you probably won't like the picture, I'm smiling for a reason...)

i wave the flag surrender

There's love
and then there's knowing you

There's sunshine
and then there are first rays of yellow
reflecting in eyes of deepest green

There's a kiss
and then there are whispered promises
hidden soft as I close my eyes

I know this - small as I am
I've chosen well -

So happily - totally - for always -

i raise the flag surrender 

* (counting leap years ;-)


  1. Happy Anniversary bum grabber.

  2. hahah amy, nice... that was an excellent poem. who was the inspired poet who wrote it I wonder???

  3. Amy- You think you know so much. You don't know... Oh and yes, I hate the picture. But I love the man. Thank you for the most beautiful poetry of all- your life.

  4. Have a wonderful day together after all it will only seem like a minute in your universe. You 2 are good together.