Sunday, September 12, 2010

days of woe and wonder

I haven't drawn a steady paycheck since January 15th...

...this has been one of the best years of my life.

In case you haven't heard, the world is having a really bad Monday. Perpetually. Not that there hasn't been a massive effort to try and get back to the good old Friday night fun. But let's not talk about that silliness.

In spite of (or maybe because of) all the woe, I humbly submit the thought that life has never been as good as it is right now. Really. There's just something in the air - a buzz of good great things coming our way. We just have so many, many blessings to count. And so many adventures to thrill the heart - who can even keep up?

For your consideration:

Wonder #1 -

Have you noticed how amazingly blue the sky is in September? Don't you just wish you could swim in all that fine, downy azure?

Wonder #2 -
Why are these men smiling? Do they know something we don't? Actually...
Yes - and no. How sweet it is to have prophets on the earth to speak to God and for Him. And now a story, as recently shared by BYU President, Cecil Samuelson:

"Eight and a half years ago the 2002 Winter Olympics were held in Salt Lake City. At that time one of my assignments was to serve on the Public Affairs Committee of the Church. As you might know, many prominent people from around the world visited Salt Lake City. All of us at Church headquarters and many others had multiple opportunities to host these special visitors. On one of these occasions Sister Samuelson and I had the privilege of accompanying Mr. Mike Wallace—the host of the 60 Minutes television program—and his producer to the special cultural event presented at the LDS Conference Center during the Olympic Games.

You may recall that Mike Wallace twice interviewed President Gordon B. Hinckley on his television program. While Mr. Wallace could never trip up or confuse President Hinckley with his penetrating questions, they became good friends as a result of these interviews, and Mike Wallace came to Salt Lake City for the Olympics as a guest of the Church. As we sat with these good people, it was clear that they were impressed, and Mr. Wallace frequently made very complimentary comments about President Hinckley.

At the conclusion of the performance, we accompanied these VIPS to their limousine. On the way we met President and Sister James E. Faust of the First Presidency, who had also attended the performance.

As I introduced President Faust to Mike Wallace and explained the close relationship President Faust and President Hinckley enjoyed in the First Presidency, Mr. Wallace said to President Faust, “You are just the man to answer a question I have had for some time. Gordon Hinckley is the most optimistic man I have ever met. Can you tell me why?”

President Faust didn’t hesitate for even a moment and replied with a twinkle in his eye, “President Hinckley knows how all this is going to turn out.”

Mike Wallace, a self-described agnostic Jew, knew exactly what President Faust meant."

Wonder #3-

Children. I'm (slowly -'cause I'm slow) starting to notice how naturally happy children are. And how little if any of their time is spent worrying about money, jobs, houses, etc. Sure - I understand those are adult concerns. Somebody's got to pay the mortgage, right?

But maybe it's the realization that children don't want things as much as they want their parent's full attention. Even one-on-one, once in awhile. I seem naturally inclined to woe. My children - all children - seem naturally inclined to wonder - wonder as in wonderful.

Wonder #4 -
Everyone should have someone lovely in their life. Someone they can share everything with. Someone who believes in all their hopes and dreams. Someone who knows magic.

Lucky me...

Wonder #5 -

I could keep going, and likely will - some other time. But what more could there be to find wonder than in the most wonderful wonder of all - Jesus Christ, the Light of the World:

Days of woe. Days of wonder.

Days never to be forgotten.

As children of Zion,
Good tidings for us.
The tokens already appear.
Fear not, and be just,
For the kingdom is ours.
The hour of redemption is near.


  1. This post is...well...wonderful!!! I love your outlook.

  2. You of course now know that I am crying. I am SO much the luckier one. Captured beautifully.
    Now who is that girl being dipped by the ocean.....

  3. Thanks for that lovely post! That is the most wonderful picture of you and your lovely lady!

  4. Love this post. Needed it very much today. So, thank you, Mr. sleye1. :)

  5. That was really delicious words when Im tired and worried and overwhelmed. I will work on being over joyed