Monday, August 16, 2010

Do you know Ginger?

How come we have to rely on words to capture the wonder of a person? They are such frail little things; so inadequate to do the job that we demand of them. And yet, today, words are the only thing I have to attempt to describe the magic of the one and only Ginger, on this her 43rd birthday.

Recently we were watching some old home movies of when Ginger was growing up with her two older sisters in Burley, Idaho. There was no sound - only video. And yet I could "hear" Ginger each and every time she appeared on screen. She was always smiling. Her fine green eyes were always bright and filled with excitement. One of the very first things that attracted me to her (and still does) is the child-like brightness in Ginger's eyes. Whether as an eight year-old or as a beautiful, vibrant mother, that same light still shines through.

In the first moments of waking each morning, I am reminded that God is good. This reminder comes easily. I need only to look at the calm, gentle face of my sweetheart nearby to know that I am exceedingly blessed.

Sometime today we'll join in singing "Happy Birthday" to you. It probably won't sound that good (too many kids!) But know, Ginger fine, that underneath the song, beyond words, is a melody of grace that hums "I love you - I need you - I claim you forever." Happy birthday, love.


  1. Happy birthday Ginger! We love and respect you so much.
    Love, John and Felicia

  2. Sweet words. Happy Birthday Sis!

  3. Will someone transcribe the above for me. Those really were sweet words. I love you Ging - hope your day is as wonderful as you are!

  4. Scott, I so much enjoy reading your comments but this one by far I enjoy because you testify to the world of your love for Ginger. I am so happy to have a friend like you in my life that I still look up to. I love you Scott and I love you Ginger. Happy Birthday.

  5. That was a lovely tribute, You are so right she has the joy and vibrance of the child she was. Ging is a very pureand lovely person. I admire her tremendously for the qualities you hold dear.
    Love ya both much. Have some chowda and think of me sittin on the shore listening to gulls.