Sunday, April 18, 2010

Albert's Service and Up the Creek

Counting blessings is getting harder and harder these days - there are just too many to number. Yesterday (Saturday) is but one example. We sent Miss McKenzie on her way back to school in Rexburg to start her junior year (?!!!) at BYU-I. Things were going along just merrily for her and good friend Shannon until they decided to stop at a rest stop in Malad, Idaho.

When they got back in the car to continue their journey, McKenzie's car wouldn't start. Our first thought was a battery problem, so we suggested she enlist someone to help her try and jump start the car. That didn't work.

We immediately began to figure out how we would get to them and arrange for their arrival at school as well as how to get the car towed and repaired. The weekend was starting to look really loooonnngggg and expensive.

I got on the computer to see about arranging to have her car towed into Malad. One of the first names that appeared on the Malad Chamber of Commerce's website was Albert's Service and Up the Creek. Feeling pretty up the creek at that particular moment, I gave Albert a call. He told me that his only tow truck was out on another job, but that he might be able to arrange a way to get to the rest stop and see what he could do. Fifteen minutes later, he was there to assess the situation.

He felt confident that it was a bad starter. He then helped McKenzie start the car by popping the clutch, and he even taught her how to do it in case the car stopped running before they arrived in Rexburg. And then off they went.

Albert, you are THE man. We were so grateful for yet another instance of the Lord providing "means" whereby McKenzie could complete her journey. Sure enough, when she arrived and turned off the car, it would not start again. But she's there, and safely.


  1. You have been Albert many times. Im glad that their was a quick answer to a prayer for all of you.

  2. The world has been filled with "Alberts" all along the way. Perhaps I am just noticing them more readily these days. I hope I will always be an Albert in this world

  3. I love Albert! Thanks for the great story and reminder!

  4. I renamed my car Albert. P.S.