Sunday, January 10, 2010

Prosperity is the Lord's

Last month I was assigned to give a talk using President Monson's counsel to "be of good cheer." With several months of preparation time, I had plenty of opportunity to reflect on the many reasons we have to "be of good cheer, and to not fear." As I made a list of some of the things I might share, one realization that came to me was that regardless of what our economic circumstances may be, true prosperity is the Lord's to give. To me this means that we can prosper no matter how dificult things may be in the world in which we live. The Book of Mormon uses some form of the word "prosper" a total of 46 times, with many other references to the principle of prosperity. It has taken me a lifetime to learn that God's definition of prosperity is different than that of the world's. Most often the world equates prosperity with wealth. Clearly the Lord is able to bless His children with the things of this world. All of them are His to give.

We've also been learning that one must "importune" the Lord for His prosperity. To me this means that I must be consistent in asking for the Lord's guidance and help in obtaining those things He is prepared to bless me and my family with. He truly wants to bless us not only with our needs, but He has also promised that He will prosper the righteous with the good things of this world. For the last several months we have been praying for the Lord to bless our family with true prosperity. Amazing things have resulted, and many more are no doubt still to come. One of these blessings is a new employment opportunity for me. I readily acknowledge the Lord's hand in this. We look forward to seeing what miracles are yet to come. Prosperity truly is the Lord's.

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  1. Once again so well put by you my sweetheart. I look forward to applying the better understood principles of the gospel in every aspect of life. It's going to be magic.