Monday, December 14, 2009

People are good

As Ginger's latest blog eloquently relates, we were in a car accident in Salt Lake today. As I reflected on the experience throughout the afternoon, it was strongly reaffirmed to me that people are good. From the family whose car we hit inviting us in for lunch and a ward fireplace, to the tow truck driver taking me to where I could be easily picked up afterward, to the man whose car I hit running across the street in shorts and a t-shirt to help his neighbor get unstuck in the snow, to the Rowley's for babysitting (thanks, Taylor!) and for helping us laugh through the tears (hope you are okay, Shawn), to Shawn coming all the way back to SLC to pick me up, to our wonderful neighbor and friend Brett coming to pick up everyone else, to kind neighbors at home helping our kids get to church, to David McCullough and Natalie Cole for hugging and kissing President Monson...I could keep going.

Perhaps years from now we will look back on this day more fondly than we do right now. Perhaps it will be the day that at least for me, the Christmas Spirit, the true Christmas Spirit, arrived. People are good.


  1. It was the day the Christmas spirit truly arrived for me. I had observed the Christ child but had not stopped to recognize how far beyond observation he always goes for me

  2. What a day you had - a great day of realization! I love this story it is my favorite so far!

  3. I'm sorry for the accident, though it was retold to sound very humorous, I know that sinking feeling and I am glad that its helped at least give your friends/family/and even strangers a chance to share good spirit.