Monday, September 14, 2009

How to Be Mused

Step #1- find the email you received inviting you to contribute to Be Mused. (Step #1 part B- if you lost the email or didn't receive one, just let me know...)

Step #2 - click on the link in your email and log in using the user name and password included in the email.

Step #3 - there are two ways to post -on the upper left-hand side of the Wordpress dashboard, there is a link titled "Posts." Clicking on it gives you a list of options - choose "Add new." This will open a post window similar to what you see in Blogger or other blog services. The other option is to use "Quick Press" - which is just what it sounds like - you'll see it on the Dashboard page - right-hand side.

If this doesn't do the trick, I am thinking of videotaping myself doing a post - but let's see what you can do with these tips - really, it's easy!

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