Saturday, July 25, 2009

Millennial to-do list

In no particular order, my to-do list for the Millennium (okay fine, I got a little distracted in church on Sunday...)
  • Learn every language, starting with Hawaiian.
  • Learn how a leaf is made.
  • Breakfast with Spencer W. Kimball, lunch with Brigham Young, and dinner with Joseph & Emma Smith.
  • Learn how to surf - without a surfboard!
  • Learn how to fly.
  • Learn how to paint from Carravagio.
  • Be assigned as Ammon's home teaching companion to home teach Abraham, Neal A. Maxwell, and my grandparents.
  • 1,000 years of missionary work!
  • Catch up on all the great movies I missed.
  • Math.
  • Upgrade my DirecTV service to the World History DVR so I can watch everything that happened from beginning to end.
  • Learn how to turn water into orange juice for Ginger.
  • Take cello lessons from Yo Yo Ma, violin lessons from Joshua Bell, and piano lessons from Beethoven.
  • Fly fish a hundred rivers with my children and my Grandpa Livingston.
  • Take gardening lessons from Adam and Eve - in their garden.
  • Be an usher at the Adam-ondi-Ahman sacrament meeting.
  • Watch Isaac help the Jazz to finally win an NBA championship!
  • Attend opening day at the new Disneyland on the moon! Just think of Space Mountain!
  • Finally finish all of the scripts, stories, plays and poems I started...
  • Go back to seminary and stay awake this time - wonder who my teachers will be?
  • Learn to dance (hopefully within the 1,000 years allotted.)
And yours?


  1. That list is really great. I haven't thought of all the possibilities. Obviously you've put some thought into it though.

  2. man cool list. how do you come up with this?

    i can barley see past next monday.

  3. Uhhh inspiration! Where the heck do you get your imagination from anyway?

  4. That was awesome and inspiring. What a wonderful way to think about Godhood. I get stuck on the being responsible for a world of my own thing and loose the fun in it. I love " Learn how to make a leaf". Very thoughtful list.

  5. I love your list! I was just talking to a friend of mine last Tuesday on the phone and I too had been distracted in Sacrament meeting about the afterlife and what I wanted to do and who I wanted to see and I was commenting to her that I hoped to see the prophets of old and well all of the prophets all lined up in order and ready for my questions and hugs! I think she thought I was crazy and she said "I hope that works out as you have planned in your head". I just really want to meet Joseph Smith and Nephi and Ammon and my grandpas and alot of people - it's exciting. We can see if those we've done temple work have accepted the gospel - Oh won't it be great!

  6. I peeked over your shoulder when you were writing this and had myself a giggle. So glad I married a dreamer. I have enjoyed living in your dreams.