Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For the amazing fathers in my life

Maybe late, but still worth the watch!

To my dad and dad in-law, I love you. Thanks for being a "Bill" to me.


  1. Change is definitely undervalued. So are great fathers.

  2. I love that ! Thanks Scott - I came across that video on fathers day when I was looking for something else and said to myself, "Scott will have that on his blog before the night is over" you didn't but now you have pulled through. Good work!!! THanks again!

  3. i left this comment yesterday....they always seem to get lost though....

    thanks for finding this, it really helps to know about this man, it really limits my pridefull sysnasism just to know sobbody like him exists.

  4. That was very touching. It definitely finds that place in your heart where only the tenderest of memories live.