Monday, March 30, 2009

What a wonderful world!

We live in a truly remarkable time, for many different reasons. One of the many blessings available in our day are the almost innumerable resources available for gospel study. If we believe as Brigham Young taught that every invention ever created has been inspired by God to further His purposes, then we are certainly seeing His hand extended to us through these means. I thought it might be of interest to share some of what is out there. No doubt there are many resources that I'm not aware of, so please feel free to share. I've posted links to all of these websites under a link titled "Gospel Study" as a permanent resource on my blog.

The official gospel library page
Tons of audio resources to download and put on your mp3 player or a cd
The new Mormon Times website for lots of great articles and human interest stories
The entire Encyclopedia of Mormonism online, for free!
BYU's Maxwell Institute for Religious Studies- massive amounts of wonderful things.
BYU Studies
How to use the LDS scriptures website
BYU Speeches site - check back often - amazing resource -including lots of audio files to enjoy
BYU-Idaho's devotional website
LDS Business College devotionals
BYU-Hawaii devotionals
A cool blog from inside the Church's technology department
The More Good Foundation
FAIR - they rebut lots of anti-Mormon ideas and give you help to do the same
Mormon Wiki - info compiled from
Meridian magazine - lots of great articles, stories and pictures!
LDS Newsroom - you could spend a lot of time here reading a lot of good stuff
Times and Seasons - lots of LDS-related blogs
The BYU Religious Studies Center
Institute manuals - online and free!

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  1. Wow what an amazing number of resources I think I knew about 2 of them. Thank you