Friday, March 13, 2009

Good dog. Stay.

Great article from Roger Ebert about dogs in movies. If you don't belong to a dog, you probably won't understand. Emily, get a dog already! Heck with the lease and renter's agreement...

As far as the whole dogs vs. cats, thing, it's really a non-starter, folks. Notice how no one has ever asked if Jesus had a cat? He wouldn't have been able to get anything done! No walking on the water with the kitty, that's for sure...Plus, cat spelled backwards is just tac...or yttik. I'm just sayin'...


  1. You make me smile. And Emily seriously, I am with Scott on this one, get the dadgum dog already!

  2. did you loose a tuna sandwich to a scottish cur red or something? good greif! what a bitter man are you!

    i love cats....

    they taste like chicken.

  3. LOL! LOL! LOL! I agree Em you should get yourself a dog even if he is a skinny little doggy! I want a dog too but I have to do soooo much convincing of MR. HOLYOAK!!!!!

  4. It is better to have a loved a dog and lost, than to have had a cat instead.

    "A bore, Travis, is someone who deprives you of solitude without providing you with companionship."

    Someday my package of 'unconditional love' with be adopted and given a personalized water dish and a spot in my heart...

  5. Em, with the kind of dog you want you could probably keep it a secrete from even Shawn. Do you even have to feed that breed or just water? He's more like one of those just add water growing pets. If he (or she) becomes a nuisance just dehydrate him and grow him later.

  6. lol. you guys. iggys are so happy and wonderful that you would just FEEEL their happiness and know they're hiding somewhere. with their dish of water. :)

  7. Is that Griffy?? He is so cutE HIS FACIAL EXPRESSION REMINDS ME OF SCOOBY DOO AFTER A SCOOBY SNACK.Em you cant love what you cant see. Get a real dog, you need a sammy dog who lays on you and hugs you and does the go dance. True joy.

    Its almost spring!