Monday, March 9, 2009

The envelope please...

Alrighty then...first, an explanation. I'd had big plans to make a mock Academy Awards-type video to announce the winner of my "name the pictures" contest, but time just hasn't allowed the chance to put that all together. So, in case anyone still cares, the winner is:

Just call 653-5272 or NKD-JBRD

"once i get these wires hooked up the connection should be good to go.

with all this free t.v. why get dressed!"

For those keeping track, these were Wendy's entries. Keep in mind I also wanted to give someone new a shot at the game, so that was an important factor. In the spirit of captioning, she also kept hers short and succinct, which is an unspoken principle in this little game. So, congrats to Wendy, and thanks to all for playing along. "Me and More"- tag, you're it!

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  1. Okay Wendy we are ready!! I loved the captions for this one it was definitely a heated competition- and obviously Mike put forth tons of effort.