Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Marriage Matters

I'm speaking on the subject of marriage in the month of March (specifically "Celestial Marriage") and I would very much welcome your thoughts and insights as to how marriage helps you make it through the battles of the day. I'm thinking of using the analogy of marriage as a safe harbor where husband and wife alone can go to recover from the "storms" faced outside of the harbor. Any wisdom (of which there seems to be no shortage of out there) would be gratefully received. (Oh, and the 2:22am post time is just for you, Ricky...)


  1. the most profound change in me that comes through my relationship with my wifeis that she is always with me. when i see something beautiful or experience something profound, i always want to show it to her or tell her about it. i evaluate every experience in my life with the thought " what would terri think of that?" it is like she has been imprinted on my soul. that is usefull as an encouragement to perform well my role in life.

  2. What a privilege to get to spend our earthly life with the daughter of God that will enable and compliment who we become for eternity. We clearly could not accomplish what is necessary without her. Our Heavenly Father must truly love us to have designed such a divine plan to save his sons.