Monday, January 19, 2009

Goodbye, Mr. Roarke

Largely unnoticed to the world in light of all this hubbub about the new member of the Godhead...sorry, I mean the new president Baracko Bama (Caleb's name for the man), we must not neglect to honor and say farewell to Mister Ricardo Montalban, better known as Mister Roarke from the ABC-tv series Fantasy Island, who died last week at the age of 88. Together with The Love Boat and Portland Wrestling, Fantasy Island pretty much was my Saturday nights during my formative years. Which explains a lot...

So many great episodes...It's hard to think of a favorite. This was escapist television in all of its goofy glory. For the younger generation, this was during the time when there was such a thing as network television. We also use to listen to these black vinyl discs called records. What a concept! Anyway, there was once a time when there were only three channels on TV, four if you counted PBS (I guess there was other stuff on that channel besides Sesame Street, but I never watched it. Made me sleepy.)

FYI, if you haven't heard about, it's pretty much the greatest...oh, sorry a Napoleon D. moment's an episode for your viewing enjoyment. There's lots more classic TV at Hulu for you to introduce to the kids. And don't blame me if they walk around the house saying "De plane! De plane!" Tatoo was and will always be the Man. Well, the little man. Mr. Roarke...he was The Man.


  1. for halloween next year you need to dress in a bahama formal white with caleb dressed identically spouting "DE PLANE" every 37 seconds!

    and when they ask you must say " i will call him gillagan!"

  2. No wonder I was attracted to you. What was Saturday night without Doc, Julie, captain Stubbing and Isaac the bartender? And then to go to fantasy island after the cruise. It was the life. (P.S. this Isaac is not our inspiration for naming our eldest son- at least not consciously- LOL)

  3. Who will advertise for that Fine Corinthian Leather now?