Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh yes, we need a little Christmas!

Thought I don't consider myself especially Scrooge-like, I admit that on occasion I get a tad perturbed at how early people start celebrating Christmas. I think I started seeing the decorations for sale at Costco in August...

However, this year I say "bring it on, and not soon enough!" This broken world of ours needs a lift, and what better than a reminder of the birth of the Light of the World to do just that.

I hope in celebrating to invoke the true spirit of the season and dodge the "buy now, buy more" mentality that I seem to so often succumb to.

As I write as this we're listening to the Choir's Christmas concert music from 2006. Perhaps I'll try to listen to some Christmas music everyday between now and 12/25. Maybe most of all, I will seek opportunities to "do good" each day, in hopes that another might be lifted closer to the Christmas Child.

So break out the Christmas movies. Find those Christmas CD's and crank 'em up. Buy some egg nog and drink it straight out of the jug (moms and dads only, please.) Oh yes we need a little Christmas, right this very minute. Indeed we do...


  1. It's funny/cool that you wrote this because today in Relief Society I decided I was going to play some Christmas Songs for postlude. Then I went to my friend Rachel's apartment after church and guess what was on? "It's a Wonderful Life!" P.S. We WILL watch that this year! We've even started to sing Christmas hymns at Stadium Singing. I completely agree with the whole "Christmas starting early" idea--although who needs an excuse to celebrate the Savior? :-)

  2. I'm right there with you on this one. With all the politics, the economy, and everything else the world is throwing at us, a little Christmas cheer will do us some good. Let us lighten each others burdens as Christ does.

  3. Well I think Mom agrees with you because she has two Christmas trees up already and she is so excited about it! I'm taking your challenge and I'm going to really focus on doing at least one nice thing for someone everyday, a phone call, plate of cookies, smile, make their bed. Yah know!!! We decided that this year it's going to be all handmade gifts - I'm so exicted and I'm starting today! Cuting out two pretty dresses and then on to the dolls and aprons! Yahoo! I love this sort of thing!! Merry Christmas!!!

  4. I 4th that amendment! I have my neighborhood gifts ready and they are going out this weekend. The problem with the Holidays is the hurricane of gotta's hit me and I loose focus of the true gift. Thanks for the reminder and you are so right the world needs this!