Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ideas needed!

I just started writing for a blog about interesting things to do in Utah. Although it is called "One Thousand Things To Do In Provo," it appears to cover a much wider range than that. So to any of you Utah dwellers (either present or previous,) please pass along any ideas you have of interesting things to do or places to visit in Utah. Here's my first contribution about the Alpine Loop...

Thanks in advance.



  1. Hike Timp, hike Timp Caves, Snowboard/Ski at Sundance, ice blocking/sledding/falling at Bowl Park in Provo, go to one of the many city festivals (summertime activity), hike Y Mountain, bike the Provo River Trail, picnic at Timpanogos Park, go to a BYU game (any sport, no Utah games allowed), eat a custard at Coney's, sledding at Tibble Fork Reservoir (up AF canyon when the reservoir freezes over), visit Welfare/Temple Square in SLC, feed the animals at Thanksgiving Point...if you need more you should look for that Utah Valley "things to do"'s very helpful :-)

  2. This was a great idea and I liked your commentary on enjoying the loop. Im going to look up the music, maybe circle through the splendor again with new tunes and an apple!

  3. Go on a day trip to Bear Lake during Raspberry Days (where you must have a shake & a Old Ephraim pizza) and lay on the sandy north beach, journey Nebo loop (on a motorcycle is particularly neat), visit Hardware Ranch and see the elk, have an Aggie Ice Cream!, visit the Spiral Jetty at sunset (in 4 wheel drive), see the 8th wonder of the world, the Kennecott Copper Mine!, rock climb in Boulder Canyon, mountain bike and camp up Green Canyon, hike & swim at Calf Creek (Oasis) and then camp the less famous NP Cedar Breaks Fruita Campground (and visit the pioneer orchards), go see the stars in the Arizona Strip or the Salt Flats... . Oh wow, I could list these things forever. Utah has so much to offer. You could make 3,000 things to do in Utah & not repeat yourself.