Thursday, August 21, 2008

I want to be a missionary now!

We've posted the first of what will no doubt be many entries over the next two years detailing the missionary service of our oldest son, Isaac, at We invite all who may be interested to visit and share comments or to just follow along in this special young man's journey. I'm working on putting a video together showing him entering the MTC.

We're so excited for him and are confident both he and his family have a wonderful experience ahead...


  1. cute picture. I'll be following the blog. THanks

  2. I think about the mission I served almost every day. Somedays I'm glad I did it and it's over and other days and glad I did it and wish I still were there. I've wanted so many times to sneak into the MTC and just walk around and reminisce. Maybe have some lunch and go to a devotional. Those were some of the greatest days of my life!

  3. Love the pictures- love the movie, love the missionary, love the man... :-)

  4. I loved the video I watched it previously. It so reminded me of going with JP that day not so long ago. It was so hard for me, and I didn't even leave! Its hard to believe Ike is old enough to be doing the same thing. I guess missionaries are just getting younger and younger. :) I'm sure he'll do well.

    p.s. I love that temple picture at your header. Its beautiful.