Friday, June 27, 2008

June 28th, 1987

It all began on a trampoline...

21 years ago, just after midnight on the 28th of June, 1987, I asked the girl of my dreams if she would marry me, and...she said yes!

We had gone up to Burley to visit Ginger's family. I'd been thinking for several days about popping the question and was scared to death! I remember even going into the bathroom in her parent's house and praying for assurance that I should do it. I knew I loved her, just wasn't sure I was the right man (or enough of a man) for the job.

As I recall we kind of drove around town that night while (unbeknown to her) I attempted to get my courage up. One stop along the way was the Snake River. I remember sitting in a park there thinking that I really wanted to do it but the words just wouldn't come out.

Shortly after midnight (guess that would've made it a Sunday morning) we got back to her house and made our way out to the trampoline. As we lay there together, looking up at the stars, we saw a falling star fly over our heads. "No time like the present," I thought, gulping back the fear. "Did you make a wish?" I asked, half-guessing (and hoping) at what it might be.

"Ginger, will you marry me?" I'm sure the trampoline helped, but that woman can jump! Gratefully she said yes! and thus began the greatest adventure in my life.

Asking her dad's permission the next morning was a sobering moment (I remember Bonnie, my mother in-law to be, falling back in shock on their bed.) I've not always been the smartest kid in class, but that was one of my good days. Best, most important thing I ever did or ever will do.

I love you, Ging, and would ask all over again: "Will you marry me?" Hope your wish came true.


  1. Naturally, I would like to be first to respond. I wished that Scott would ask me to marry him by Christmas. Wow, did that falling star deliver! Funny that something so bright, so full of light and so eternal should occur as a light in the sky was dying. Maybe it had to happen in order to make room for us. :-) Best decision ever. What a lucky woman I turned out to be. To quote Sister Maria, "Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good." I love you.

  2. You two are making me cry. That was really sweat of you to not only have remembered but blogged about the day you asked her to marry you on the anniversary day. You guys make such a great couple. Thanks for the story.

  3. hey john. man up dude. he made a smart desision . nobody died ! quite the opposite! and as i remember nobody was to awfully surprized. it was obvious from day one. i remember a movie i saw that you made at the time where your were looking for a date, in a comedic twist you were awkward and desperate. ging was the acress that beat you to a pulp when you asked her for a date . i had never seen you before and ging had brought it down for us to see. i wispered to terri, " i bet she marries him, you cant hit someone like that without some affection!"

    congatulations to you both.

  4. I guess I'm just a sensitive guy and a sucka for a romantic comedy. 7 sisters, what more can I say.

  5. sorry john i was trying for irony i think it went foul right.

    besides your allowed to be sentimental. the "just married paint" is still wet on you. it takes abouit fifty years to dry, longer if you tear up!

    mine is still pretty sticky.