Tuesday, September 9, 2003

The struggle that any "artist" goes through at some point is commerce vs. conscience. By that I mean the struggle to create something for the sake of creation, or in my case, to attempt to do some good, or to leave a legacy. According to Brother Nibley, "Have you any money?" is Satan's Golden Question, and how true that is. The cares of this world are so easy to care about, as Elder Maxwell once said. So that is the never-ending battle. I almost always find myself wandering off when I sit down to write, budgeting the first $1,000,000 I earn from this "best screenplay ever." It certainly affects your work to avoid being "commercial." I remember hearing a lot in film school about writing about what you know and ignoring the "market." Generally the work comes out much better if created with "pure intent." Sounds lofty, but actually it makes a lot of sense.

Thus my latest project to write my "mission trilogy" (still working on the title, which is usually the first thing I think of. Maybe that's a good thing...I actually finish it!) Anyways, I honestly don't see this as the next "Work and the Glory." I wouldn't fight that description if forced :o)...For me I am writing about something that I sincerely love and feel that I "know" something about. I'm already thinking of all sorts of great approaches to the different stories of my missionaries.

Later...time for Bishop's council.

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